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Google Play Data Safety Form

Recently, many applications received warnings about data security/data security. Data security will be enforced in April 2022, so all detected apps
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In April 2022, Google Play enforced stricter data security regulations, requiring all apps to disclose their data collection and usage practices. This transparency empowers users to make informed choices before installing apps. This post dives deep into the Google Play Store Data Safety Form, guiding developers through the filling process and addressing frequently asked questions (FAQs).
Google Play Store Data Safety Form

Target Audience:
  • Android App Developers
  • Mobile Game Developers
  • App Publishers
  • Google Play Data Safety Form
  • Data Safety Section
  • App Data Collection
  • User Privacy
  • Google Play Store Optimization

Google Play Store Data Safety Form: A Must-Know for Developers

  • Briefly explain the purpose of the Data Safety Form and its impact on app store visibility and user trust.
  • Mention the April 2022 enforcement deadline (if applicable).

Filling Out the Data Safety Form:

  • Option 1: Automatic Filling with CSV Import 

                Explain the benefit of autofill using a CSV file.
                Provide clear instructions on downloading the appropriate Data Safety CSV template (with and without personal info).
Automatic Filling with CSV Import

Import a CSV file for faster autofill based on the tutorial :

data_safety_export_new.csv 174kb Simple (Basic)
data_safety_export_with_personal_info.csv 174kb Register & Login features enabled

Manual Filling for Complexities 

                Highlight scenarios where manual filling is necessary (e.g., location tracking via SDKs).
                Briefly explain how to reference AndroidManifest.xml and consult SDK documentation for data collection details.
Manual Filling for Complexities

Step-by-Step Guide:

  • 2.1 Data Collection and Security: Briefly explain this section.
    Data collection and security

  • 2.2 Location Permission: Emphasize the importance of accurately reflecting location tracking, even if requested indirectly through SDKs.
    Checklist and fill in location permission

  • 2.3 File and Storage Access: Explain how to disclose file access permissions used by the app.
    fill in file and docs access permissions

  • 2.4 Device Identifiers: Guide developers on identifying and disclosing relevant device identifiers collected by the app.
    fill in devices or other identifiers

  • 2.5 Privacy Policy Link: Stress the importance of a clear and accessible privacy policy. Include resources like app privacy policy generators.
    Fill your privacy policy link


  • Reiterate the significance of accurate data disclosure for user trust and app store compliance.
  • Encourage developers to stay updated on Google Play's evolving data security policies.


Is the Data Safety Form mandatory?

Yes, all apps on the Google Play Store must complete the Data Safety Form.

What happens if I don't fill out the form?

Your app might be rejected from the Play Store or face removal.

How can I ensure my Data Safety Form is accurate?

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